Nokia’s Lumia 920, and 820

Looks like they’ll be great phones once the actually ship, Windows Phone 8 is released, and they have a price.

My question: Why show something that’s not finished?

To me, that’s like saying: “This is what we will have sometime in the future, but it’s not ready, but please don’t buy the next iPhone.”

Let’s be real, because that’s exactly what Nokia and Microsoft are saying…which is sad.

I really like the 920, and the original UI concept of WP, but this stunt is just really bad. So is the obvious cheating in the camera promotion video.


3 comments on “Nokia’s Lumia 920, and 820

  1. dinakaranonline says:

    I beg to differ with this.

    Let us say that Nokia is still not ready to deliver with M$ . No news of phone and now Motorola , Apple and Amazon – rumor says they bring a phone are now flooding market with lot of options.

    Now would a customer wait for Nokia phone of which nobody knew anything ? Whether it is worth the wait for a customer who has never seen a product and want to own one ?

    Now Nokia is showing these phones mean people , at-least some people may wait for Nokia to launch and then make a decision. Smartphones are costly deals these days and people would wait for few more months provided it is worth the wait and by the shopping season , it should be almost ready is what their plan I guess.

    So Nokia has shown it’s awesome phones and is trying to delay their shopping decision by few months. Who knows when Windows RT tablets become an instant hit and people who want to buy Windows tablet in future too may give a thought abt buying Windows 8 phone with Nokia.

    Just a thought 🙂

    • scottph says:

      Good thinking, and definitely a point of view worth noting.

      But, I would argue that no one should announce without delivering rapidly. If it’s not ready, don’t talk about it.

      I understand that Nokia, and Microsoft are in a tough spot because they know that Apple’s new phone is coming soon. I hope for them that this strategy works out…

      Also, why cheat on the video and the photos? That’s just plain stupid.

      • dinakaranonline says:

        Ha ha , on the video, busted 🙂 caught red handed ! PureView may be awesome and years of hard work but one marketing error spoils the whole reputation ! Sad

        All they need now is some body like Steve Jobs. What i realized yesterday watching their presentation is :

        Having a great product and showing off a product with great passion and excitement is totally different . Jobs has passion and sense of belonging with the product when showing it to people ,since he grew along with it .

        But the executives at Nokia seems to have no passion or atleast that’s how i felt . They were dead pan and wanting to be rescued from the stage as soon as possible when their demos sucked 🙂

        Their webcast too did not load well initially and worked after umpteen attempts. Not good for a company that is struggling 🙂

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