Initial thoughts on the iPhone 5

I’ll reserve judgment until I actually get my new iPhone, but what really struck me watching yesterday’s event was this:

What happened to “doubling down on security”?

Literally everything that was announced about the iPhone 5, and the iPods was known beforehand.

I guess it’s just a matter of Apple being so big, and the supply chain being so large that it’s unavoidable, but still. It’s somewhat disappointing.

Anyhow, we now know that this is the new design for two years. I do like it from the few videos I’ve seen, but I guess I’ll have to see it for myself.

I plan on preordering a 16 or 32 GB version tomorrow. My current iPhone 4’s contract has been up since June, and I’m looking forward to the new version with LTE.

As far as the design is concerned: Again, initially I like what I see, which is a good thing, as I wouldn’t buy any other smartphone out there. Not because I don’t like, say the Lumia 920, but because I love how Apple integrates everything from my music to my documents over all of my iOS devices, so I’m really glad I like the design.

Anyhow, I’ll write my review when I get the new iPhone.

2 comments on “Initial thoughts on the iPhone 5

  1. Chrischu says:

    I’m curious about your review. I read a direct comparison between iPhone5 and S3… by now, i’m glad to have the S3. But i think, as nearly everywhere, it depends on your personal “taste, which one you like more.
    I won’t make the iPhone bad… i think every phone has some features that are really useful, and lots which are don’t 🙂

    • scottph says:

      Well, I’m sure the S3 is a good phone, until the next Samsung phone comes out, which will obsolete the S3 instantly.
      I also like knowing that I’ll be able to upgrade my OS on day one, whenever a new release comes out, and that Apple only releases one phone per year. I don’t like buyers remorse.

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