iPhone 5, black, 32GB ordered

So, after mulling my options I preordered a black 32GB iPhone 5.

It was a smooth experience on T-Mobile in Germany at around 7am local time…around three hours ago.

My girlfriend tried at 8am, and still hasn’t been able to order one. Total overload.

Anyhow, I was contemplating the white one for a bit, but decided against it. Mainly because a white iPhone kinda looks girly to me, and because of the black borders that are always present on the outermost part of the screen.

I went with a 32GB model again, because I anticipate that the apps will be a little bigger this time around when the developers take advantage of the extra screen space.

Right now I’m only using about 12GB on my iPhone 4. I have all my music in iTunes Match, and 3G is pretty fast to download albums when I’m away from WiFi.
Speaking of 3G: When I ordered the iPhone 5 this morning I looked everywhere for the LTE option, anticipating an additional charge from T-Mobile, but I couldn’t find the box to check. I’ve heard it will be an additional 10 Euros. I will call them to figure this out.

Overall I’m very excited for the 6th generation iPhone, which should be a huge upgrade as I skipped the 4S, due to contractual obligations.

I will review it thoroughly once I get it on the 21st.


7 comments on “iPhone 5, black, 32GB ordered

  1. dinakaranonline says:

    Congrats Scott ! From iPhone 4 to iPhone 5 is actually a big upgrade. I personally loved the white color 🙂

    Have you bought the new adapter as well ? You may need it in your car or docking station ?

    • scottph says:


      No adapters for me. My car has Bluetooth, my stuff is in iCloud, and iTunes Match.

      I don’t get the fuss over the 30-pin to Lightning adapter either. Every new iPhone and iPod will come with the new cable, most cars have Bluetooth, and if your stuff is local (aka your computer) you can use the cable you already have.
      Also, the pricing argument is bs. The new Lightning cable isn’t just a piece of plastic. I’m betting there’s a chip in it to make it work with the old 30-pin connector.

      • dinakaranonline says:

        You should be needing an charging point to charge your mobile when you are in car driving for long hours (or) using GPS right ?

      • scottph says:

        Not really. My car has a navigation system and an outlet for charging on board, like most newish cars do. Plus, how long would you have to be away from an outlet for an iPhone to completely run out of juice, especially since you’re not allowed to use a cellphone with your hands in a car?

      • dinakaranonline says:

        That’s right. I had problems with my mobile running out of charge whenever I go out for a trip . Mid-day most of the charge would have drained and so I have to charge it again and normally do it during my drive. I would not be using my mobile though while driving.

        May be such a scenario never happened to you 🙂

      • dinakaranonline says:

        That’s coo. Apple ! Respect !

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