Updated: iMac (Mid 2011), iPad (3rd gen), iPhone 4

So, yesterday Apple released OS X 10.8.2, iOS 6, and a boatload of app updates on the App Store, and the Mac App Store.

Here’s my (almost boring) account:

First I backed up my iPhone and iPad with iTunes – just to be safe. Afterwards I updated my iMac to 10.8.2, which went smoothly. The download was quick, and so was the install. After installing I signed in to my account, and as expected everything was there. I was prompted several times when I signed in to iCloud, Twitter, and Facebook about privacy stuff.

Then I looked for iOS updates via iTunes and updated my iPhone. Again, everything was smooth sailing. After the phone rebooted I found all my apps already on the phone when I logged into iCloud. All my accounts were already set up…very well done. I noticed that I could add my phone number to iMessage, plus my three email addresses – unified account. When I did that, my iMac prompted me about this, and I received a few emails from Apple, just to check if the whole reconfiguration was actually done by me. Good stuff.

The same was true for my iPad. All in all a great experience. I was done within an hour and a half.

The I noticed on Twitter that Apple had also released a new version of Aperture (3.4). I didn’t buy Aperture thru the MAS, so I went to Apple’s website, downloaded the update, quit Aperture, and installed the update. Upon restart of Aperture, it crashed. It prompted me to analyze my library, which I did but it crashed again. I repaired permissions – to no avail. I’m paranoid about my pictures, my library is 85GB big and spans a period from 1999 to now, so I had a backup of the library file, plus I keep all pictures in folders in the filesystem.
First I copied the library file from my backup volume to the expected place, after deleting the one in the filesystem. When I tried to start Aperture it crashed again. This is when I got annoyed, so I decided to delete Aperture and reinstall it. It took about 10 minutes from the DVD. The I applied the downloaded update, pointed the app to the right library and it worked. I did have to add a few new projects from my filesystem backup, but it was no big deal, because I tend to backup the library file once a week, and the filesystem files are kept up to date every day.

Anyhow, overall a great update experience so kudos to Apple, but I sure am glad I’m so anal about my photos.


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