Well, I’m mad…

As you may recall, I ordered my shiny new iPhone 5 from Deutsche Telekom on the 14th at 7am. I started looking at my order status yesterday, figuring that it should be shipping soon. I was wrong.

Even though I ordered extremely early, judging by thousands of comments with order numbers in various german speaking forums, my iPhone wont arrive until sometime in October.

This is fucked up! Seriously.

As I was browsing through the forums today I saw many people post pics of their new iPhones which were delivered today. All of them ordered theirs way after I did! What did Deutsche Telekom say when I called them? Glad you asked! Nothing, besides ‘you’ll just have to wait until about the second week of October.’. Gee, thanks!

On a related note: My iPhone 4 with the newly released iOS 6 is eating through the battery like there’s no tomorrow. I had it charged to 100% when I went to bed last night, and when I woke up this morning it was at 33%.
With the latest iOS 5 version the same scenario would drain the battery by 7%. That’s not acceptable at all.

Apple needs to fix this pronto.


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