Nexus Q, where are you?

Well, that was fun.

Did anyone in their right mind think that this thing was gonna fly? Seriously?

Perpetual beta.

Meanwhile, in the real world, Apple’s selling Apple TVs like crazy.


4 comments on “Nexus Q, where are you?

  1. They actually gave the Nexus Q for free to users who did pre-order it and they didn’t sell them anymore after that. So it already flew away before. But the Nexus Q would be a great product if it came with a remote to control it though and didn’t require an Android phone.

    • scottph says:

      I know, but why release it in the fist place with all the flaws it has?

      • I think they forgot to tell people it requires Android or they got that much excited that they released it early and then they decided to work on it again.

      • scottph says:

        I think Google makes products they would like to use, not products the general public will like. They lack the knowledge of what will sell, as opposed to what is “geeky”.

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