FTC recommends suing Google over FRAND patent abuse

The FTC staff has made a recommendation to it’s commissioners to sue Google for violation of antitrust laws, because of Google’s attempt to block sales of competitors products with standard-essential patents.

AppleInsider reports via Bloomberg:

Google has publicly opposed the use of patents against its Android operating system program, and launched an initiative in 2010 intended to derail public support for H.264, calling the technology patent encumbered” and recommending its own freely obtainable WebM as an alternative. Google has also charged Apple in the court of public opinion with abusing patents, which it has repeatedly characterized as being limited to “rectangles and rounded corners.”

However, after paying $12.5 billion to acquire Motorola Mobility, Google has made no changes to the struggling hardware maker’s efforts to block the sale of products by Apple and Microsoft, leveraging its own H.264 patents as a weapon to do so. Motorola has portrayed its lawsuits as an effort to “defend” Android against claims by Apple and Microsoft that Android infringes upon their patents, while also describing its standard essential patents as the “one bullet” needed to kill its opponents.


I recommend reading both articles quoted.


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