Metallica on Spotify.

I’m not a fan of streaming music. At all. I like to own my music. The only reason I will comment on this is because I’m a HUGE Metallica fan. Ever since Kill ’em All came out, so yeah, I’m old.

I still wasn’t going to comment on it, but this article by Josh Constine of TechCrunch rubs me the wrong way. BIG TIME!

Why? I’m glad you asked!

This is the headline:

Lars Ulrich, The Notorious Napster Destroyer, Announces His Band Metallica’s Music Is Now On Spotify

WTF?! The notorious Napster destroyer?

Let me get this straight: It wasn’t that Napster was stealing music, or at least helping people to steal music that killed Napster, no it was Lars Ulrich. Alone. Ok…idiot.

Here’s the thing:
If you’re a carpenter and work on someone’s home, you expect to get paid. If you’re in IT and work on someone’s systems, you expect to get paid. As a matter of fact: If you are a professional you want to get paid for your work, and rightfully so. So why is it so hard for asshats like Josh Constine to understand that a musician wants to get paid for his work?!

I have literally zero tolerance for people who steal other peoples work, and I sure as hell don’t have any understanding for people who make the good guy look like the villain. Period. So Josh, fuck you.

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