My Apple predictions for 2013.

Since everybody makes them, who am I not to make a few of my own, right?

So here goes:

– Q1 FY13 will be Apple’s best quarter. Ever. Q2, will be lower, Q3 will be bigger than Q2, and Q4 will be lower than Q1, but larger than Q2 and Q3.

– OS X will see an update at WWDC, so will iOS.

– There will be a new Mac Pro, and new iPods.

– iMac and Macbook (Air, Pro) will see updates. No touchscreen for Macs, no ARM-based Mac. No Retina for the Air.

– There will be an new iPad (9,7″). It will be thinner.

– The iPad Mini will go Retina.

– Maps will improve dramatically over the year, with incremental updates to the back end.

– There will be no NFC in any Apple product.

– The Mac Mini will be manufactured/assembled in the US.

– The new iPhone will be the iPhone 5S. It will come in black and white, and it will have a 4″ screen.

– There will be no dedicated television set. Apple has the Apple TV, which will see an upgrade.

– No entirely new product will be introduced.

– No unicorns with fairy dust.

Let’s revisit in December 2013, shall we?


3 comments on “My Apple predictions for 2013.

  1. I, for one hope that Apple will actually innovate in 2013 and bring out something genuinely new this year. Yes, the integrated TV set is a way off due to licensing issues, but I hope for a new product line, such as an iWatch that connects to your iOS devices – Just something. Something new.

    • scottph says:

      iWatch doesn’t make any sense at all imo. Watches are worn as a statement of your style, and to complement your attire. Who wants a watch that you need to recharge every day, and which beeps all the time with alerts? Not happening.
      Apple’s MO is to make innovative products better, while releasing something completely new every few years. 2001 iPod. 2007 iPhone. 2010 iPad.

  2. […] On January 4th of this year I made my Apple predictions for 2013. Let’s have a look how I did, shall we? […]

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