Stock manipulation.

That’s right, I’m calling it.

Apple’s stock is taking hits like you’ve never seen before in recent weeks. Just yesterday the companies’ stock took a dive below 500 points on news by The Wall Street Journal, via Nikkei in Japan, that Apple cut it’s display orders for iPhone from 65 million for the next quarter, to about half.

This is stock manipulation. Plain and simple. The SEC needs to step in.

Apple forecast around 19 million for the next quarter, so where does that 65 million figure come from? Out of someone’s ass, that’s where it came from. No one in their right mind believes that the January to March quarter, which is traditionally weak, will yield sales of 65 million iPhones. Jesus! This stinks.

I usually don’t comment on things like that, because I don’t play the stock market, but this is outrageous. The question should be asked (by someone competent): Who gains from this misinformation?

Many blogs are asking “Why doesn’t Apple respond, if it’s not true?!”. Well, the answer to that I know: They are not allowed. It’s part of being a publicly traded company, and it’s called “the quiet period”, which prohibits any public company from issuing statements like this before their earnings call. There you have it.

So, who’s gaining wealth by constantly misinforming the public? Let me know if you have a guess.


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