Review: Some note taking app. NOT!

Harry C. Marks nails it.

I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while now, but haven’t gotten around to it because it always seemed insignificant, and that’s something I usually don’t like to post, but Harry really nails it with the above linked piece. Go read it.

Actually, a few weeks back, I stopped reading certain sites. I’m hesitant to name them, but I’m sure most of you know who I’m talking about. I just can’t stand reading the 1000th review of some note taking app. I mean, I’m sure it’s useful information to some, but seriously…just tell us what app you use, and if that changes let us know again, but for crying out loud: Stop telling us every day about the latest app for taking notes…just take notes!

I’m sure to a select few, who have all day to muse about the virtues of a certain markdown-or-what-not-editor, this is useful information. To me, and I suspect most of you, it’s not. It makes me stop reading your site. The same goes for insignificant updates to an app…any app. Please, stop it.

So, in the true spirit of talking about something once, and leaving it until my behavior changes, here’s the list of apps I use:

1. iMac
– Pages for writing stuff
– Numbers for spreadsheets
– Aperture for storing my RAW’s, and Photostream
– Photoshop for converting an touching up said RAW’s
– Dropbox to show the finished photos to models
– Safari for surfing
– Mail for…well, mail.
– Notes
– Terminal…because I can…bash!

2. iPhone / iPad
– Messages
– Mail
– Tumblr for my dark side
– Facebook for keeping in touch with friends worldwide
– Twitter for the latest news
– Foursquare for annoying my Facebook friends with check-ins
– Podcasts (MetalHammer, The Talk Show, InThirty, and Amplified, if you must know)
– WhatsApp for keeping in touch with those not fortunate enough to have an iPhone
– Instagram for stalking celebs
– Notes for writing stuff to my iMac for later
– Reminders – my shopping list
– Clock
– Calender
– Photos

That’s it. That’s right, the latest version of super-duper-bla-app doesn’t interest me. It will never make it anyways, and it doesn’t add anything to my life. In a few months no one will even use it or talk about it.


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