MS Surface Pro Reality Distortion Field.

Yes, you read that right. Microsoft has a Reality Distortion Field built up around the botched Surface Pro launch.

All the reviews are really bad, but Microsoft took to Reddit yesterday and here’s the key points:

– The 64GB Surface Pro has useable space of 30GB, not 23GB. Whoopie-fuckin’-do…no seriously. Is that a joke?

A 64GB iPad has around 59GB of useable space, at a less expensive price point, with a better screen and an OS designed for touch.
But here’s the real kicker: To get to those 30GB of storage, you have to delete your recovery partition, meaning when things go wrong (remember, there’s no such thing as iCloud backup for the Surface) you have to do a bare metal installation…but we all know that nothing ever goes wrong in the Windows world, so you’re pretty safe, right?

– Most reviews found battery life of the Surface Pro to be abysmal. 3-4 hours, at most. Here’s Microsoft’s response:

If you compare it to say a MacBook Air, you will quickly see that pound for pound in battery size vs battery life, you will find optimizations that puts Surface best in its class.

No really, it’s a tablet, but we’re supposed to compare it to a laptop.

A laptop that actually has way more staying power than the Surface, and more storage space, and is thinner, and lighter, and looks better, and is made of better materials, and is more eco-friendly, and costs about the same. Ok.

You know how you compare battery life? You run the same stuff over and over again until the machine dies. Period. That’s the only way to get comparable results, not by doing funny math.


14 comments on “MS Surface Pro Reality Distortion Field.

  1. burnthefanboys says:

    1. Micro SD cards. 64 GB for $60. How much does Apple charge for doubling their memory? About $100 per. Better screen? Nawwwww you just read too many Retina Display ads. How is Windows 8 not designed for touch?

    2. Yeah, battery life blows on that thing, but surely they’re not going to just add keyboard covers that double as an external battery or any other sort of external battery for that matter. Nope, those suckers who bought that non Apple piece of shit will be stuck with the options they were force fed. Luckily, people who are getting this aren’t as simple minded as an Apple user and know how to use Micro SD cards and pick up an external battery when Microsoft gets off their ass and does some work to finish this half assed product.

    • scottph says:

      Fair point, but any additional port also introduces additional risks. Built in memory will usually be more stable, less prone to failure. So you get what you pay for. Apple charges about 100 USD per double memory. High? Sure, but again, you get what you pay for, plus the jump from 64 to 128GB is actually a really good deal.
      Windows 8: Have you used it? I have, and most of the “real work” software isn’t made for the “Don’t call it Metro” interface. It needs a keyboard and a mouse because of the touch target size.

      So you’re saying that if and when Microsoft “gets off their asses” and introduce an additional battery pack it will be … what? Even more expensive? I don’t get it.

      • burnthefanboys says:

        So you’d rather be stuck with 128 GBs of “high quality” memory rather than have an option to expand that with “lower quality” flash memory that can be easily backed up and replaced cheaper than getting your whole ipad or mac book to the store? That’s good logic you have there, no wonder you praise Apple so much.
        Yes, I’ve used it. I actually own it. So you’re saying that because windows 8 is a more capable system than ios it requires more capable i/o instruments? Yeah, I totally agree. I’d like to elaborate on your point and mention that windows 8 is stepping in a good direction to bridge the mobile touch technology and. Capable home computers.

      • scottph says:

        I’d rather have the memory I need inside my device, yes. Any accessory you have to add after the fact is prone to breaking easier, not to mention the additional introduction of threats from the outside.
        Apple’s return policy is unmatched. You take it in, and you get a new device if it can’t be fixed right then and there. Who do you contact when things go wrong? Microsoft, an OEM, the manufacturer of the Surface, the OEM of the SD card? Who?
        I’m saying Windows 8 isn’t more capable. It’s a compromise.

      • burnthefanboys says:

        Joke about how apple puts a nice fat premium for their higher quality products and have been seeing record profit. Until recently which is why apple has been struggling to maintain the top spot.
        Surface RT vs ipad.
        Surface Pro vs mac book air.
        But it all depends on the consumer and his/her needs so there isn’t an exact answer.
        You can stay with your 128gb and ill go hunt down my micro sd cards that keep falling in between my car seats.
        I like how you made up a troubleshooting scenario so you could bring up and hide behind apple’s wonderful repair service.

      • scottph says:

        A premium? Name a comparable product to any Apple product that costs less. Go ahead, I’ll wait.
        I don’t really see Apple struggling. They just had the most profitable year of any company ever.
        Please read the reviews. SurfaceRT isn’t even close to any iPad, let alone v. 3 or 4. Same goes for the “Pro” version.
        So, how many SD cards have you lost so far? Doesn’t this kinda prove my point about built-in memory?
        Made up? It happened to me, and countless other people. Google is your friend…well, not really, but they can help you search the internet. 😉

      • burnthefanboys says:

        That was my point, apple’s more expensive and they’re profiting because they’re able to overcharge a huge consumer cult. You haven’t noticed how they just retook the top spot for mobile company from samsung? Or that android is picking up popularity? That kids no longer think of Apple as the “cool” brand?
        I don’t need reviews to tell me which device is shittier than the other, they’re all garbage and the Surface Pro was the closest to something not being a shiny turd and I was disappointed.
        Actually, none, I keep them in an SD case. Ah, I was thinking you were referring to a hypothetical SD incompatibility scenario. I usually Google my problem, read some forums and if I can fix it I fix it, if I have to take it in I’m going to hope my warranty still covers it and I walk out of there with a new one. No biggie, everything is in the cloud and on micro sd’s.

      • scottph says:

        The proof is in the pudding. Show me comparable products that are cheaper. Apple doesn’t go for the low end, that’s why they make so much profit.
        If thy took the top spot from Samsung, doesn’t that contradict your sentence about them not being “cool” anymore?
        Android is popular because you get 2 for 1 deals, and most Android phones aren’t of the Galaxy variant, but of the cheap-ass feature phone with Android type.
        But didn’t you say you lost many SD cards between your car seats? I think you did…which is it now? Or was that a hypothetical thing…much like the one you said I pulled, which wasn’t hypothetical at all.

      • burnthefanboys says:

        Apple’s time has come and gone, we’ll talk in 5 years when Google owns everything.
        It doesn’t contradict, it was from a different article I read that asked high schoolers. Samsung took apple’s position in the middle or so of last year, showing struggles to stay on top. It has profits because it overcharges its products, but you can word it however you want.
        It was a joke to show how much of an idiot I’d have to be for your example to have any merit, thankfully I’m not a klutz and don’t have to resort to apple dumbass-proofing my gear. There was a misunderstanding with the hypothetical statement on my end.

      • scottph says:

        How so? Most profitable company in the world…ever. Sold boatloads of iDevices, etc.
        Google is a different matter. You are their product, not their customer, and I believe more and more people will come to this conclusion over time. They will never own “everything”, much like no other company in tech.
        Samsung spends 14+ times more on marketing than Apple, and their profits are much lower. Also, I understand if you don’t like Apple. It’s not for everyone, but I REALLY don’t get how people can even like Samsung. Corruption, bribery, etc.

      • burnthefanboys says:

        Accidentally posted comment
        Look, I know you’re an apple user, but I seriously thought you guys still didn’t look to apple to do all of your creative thinking so ill connect the dots for you.
        The battery life is an issue, but with the introduction of external batteries one could run a surface pro all day without plunging into a wall, though that would be expensive on the accessory part. Would it be more expensive? Sure. You buy apple products, so that’s not even a valid point

      • scottph says:

        Why wouldn’t it be a valid point? Who does the Surface compete with? iPad or MacBook Air? Either way it loses, doesn’t it?
        Thanks for “connecting the dots” for me and thinking outside the Apple bubble. 😉

  2. James Bond says:

    you two are babies.

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