Tim Cook, in his own words.

Yesterday evening my time Tim Cook answered questions at a Goldman Sachs conference. This is what stood out to me:

– On Greenlight’s lawsuit concerning Apple’s proxy statement for the shareholders meeting:

We wish people involved in this lawsuit would take this money and donate it to a good cause. This is a waste of money for all involved…a silly sideshow. But you’re not going to see us sending out a mailing or campaigning for our proposal. It’s the right thing to do, and I’m going to vote for it.

– On Apple’s DNA:

For many year, this idea of “vertical integration” was out of favor. People thought it was kind of crazy, but we never did and we continued to build. This is something you work decades for. I think there are people trying desperately to catch up, and they’re finding it very difficult to do.

– On low-cost and prepaid markets, concerning iPhone:

We wouldn’t do anything we don’t consider to be a great product. That’s just not who we are.

– On “Apple would never…” statements:

The only thing we’ll never do is make a crappy product. That’s the only religion we have…we must do something great. Something bold, something ambitious.

– On iPad market share:

I don’t know about market share because we’re the only ones really report numbers, but if you look at usage, IBM saw over Black Friday that shopping activity on iPad was twice as high as the entire Android market.

Good stuff.


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