OS X for the next decade.

During the WWDC keynote Apple said that they’re building OS X “for the next decade”, and because they kinda ran out of big cats they decided to go with landmarks in California, the state in the US were most of Apple’s products are designed and most of it’s R&D happens.

I thought about that last night, and “Mavericks” isn’t the first of the big landmarks California offers that came to my mind. So, this in turn made me notice a curious thing: Apple did change the naming convention of OS X, but they didn’t bump Mavericks to version 11 … it’s 10.9.

Apple doesn’t do something like that without it having any meaning. The naming convention change makes sense, because…well…Sea Lion? But I believe Mavericks isn’t “the big one”. I believe, say, Yosemite will be 11, or any other of the aforementioned big landmarks California has.

I’m excited.

Apple seeds iOS 7 beta 2 for iPhone and iPad. OS X Mavericks beta 2 also available.

If you’re a developer you can get the downloads at Apple’s developer site.

Interesting to see the first beta for iPad pretty soon after WWDC, even though many have speculated that they didn’t show it because Apple was way behind on it to get the first beta for iPhone out the gate for the conference.

Also, if you’re not a developer: PLEASE do not install iOS 7, and if you do don’t bitch about it not working the way you think it should. It’s a beta.