Chromebooks? @sjvn give me a break!

So, Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols is running with a story about Chromebooks being “a bright spot in the dark PC market”. Right on…

I have tried not to tear down articles too much lately, but this one just needs a spanking. Here we go – I promise I’ll make it short.

SJVN is quoting NPD in that Chromebooks (Linux, yeah!) have grabbed about 20 to 25% of the below $300 notebook market. Note, not the whole notebook market.
Anyhow, this is supposed to be a bright spot, so let’s calculate:

15.000.000. That’s roundabout the number of PC’s sold in the US, according to NPD.
It’s pretty save to assume that about 2/3 of those were notebooks, so about 10 million.
Now comes the tricky part: How many of those were below $300?
Just for the sake of it let’s say 50% – I know…that’s a way too high estimate, but let’s use it nevertheless.
5 million notebooks sold that cost less than $300. Of those, 20 to 25% were supposedly Chromebooks. Again I’ll use the high number of 25% – which comes to about 1,25 million Chromebooks…in a year…at $300 a pop.

I’m sorry but even if those numbers pan out, which they won’t (hint: it’ll be more like 500.000 or less), how is that “a bright spot in the dark PC market”? Really Steven, please do explain.


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