Slow Finder in Mavericks.

Ever since installing OS X Mavericks, I have found the Finder to be painfully slow, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

The system I am mainly working on at home is a stacked 27″ iMac (late 2011) with 16GB of RAM, and SSD (256GB) that has all my apps on it, and a 2TB HDD with all my files. It also has a Sandy Bridge Core i7 and the best GPU option available at the time, so all in all not the slowest machine out there.

Mavericks worked just fine, and still does, but Finder has really been giving me grief. I handle a lot of big files (Canon RAW images) and photoshopped JPEG’s, and I regularly have to wait 20 seconds or more for them to be shown in the preview pane of Finder, not to mention just switching to a Finder window from say Safari sometimes takes a minute with the spinning beachball of death showing up, even though the systems load is minimal, as observed by “top” and “w”.

The day before yesterday it got so bad that I did a little search on the web, and this is what I found:
Launch Terminal and issue the following command

rm ~/Library/Preferences/ Finder

What this does is it deletes the preferences list of Finder, forcing it to build it up again, which solves the problem for some reason – I believe because Finder is looking at this rather large file every time you use Finder.
This is a temporary fix, as I have noticed this morning that Finder again is slowing down.

Apple needs to look at this pronto.


One comment on “Slow Finder in Mavericks.

  1. Bill Russell says:

    Still a problem after 10.9.3 update, but deleteing finder prefs daily at least gives you a temp speedup. Other suggestions to kill of looking at network drives, did not seem to improve, but your suggestion does speedup, thanks

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