Too little, too late?

Microsoft Office is now available for the iPad. It’s a free download from the App Store, which let’s you read Word, Excel, and Powerpoint documents on your iPad.

To unlock the editing and creation portions you need a subscription to Office 365 at at least USD 99 / year – yes, Apple get’s 30% of that.

From what I have read so far, people seem to like it, but I have to wonder if the long holdout time has made people realize that they really don’t need Office.

Time will tell.

The iPhone 5c lie.

Daniel Eran Dilger for AppleInsider:

That means iPhone 5c sold twice as many units as all Blackberry smartphone sales combined (6 million), more than all of Nokia’s Windows Phone smartphone sales in the winter quarter (8.2 million), and in fact, all of Microsoft’s Windows Phones sold globally in the winter quarter (slightly more than 8.2 million, as Nokia makes 90 percent of the world’s Windows Phones).

Even Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S4 reportedly sold just 9 million units in the winter quarter. If you do the math, that’s less than 12.8 million.

LG’s heavily marketed flagship G2 reportedly sold just 2.3 million units in the winter quarter. That indicates that Apple’s mid tier iPhone 5c outsold Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and LG’s G2 put together.

’nuff said.

Retina / 4K desktop.

The 10.9.3 beta of OS X contains Retina scaling at 60 Hz.

I’m hopeful this means Retina iMacs this year, as I’m up for a new one since my 2011 27″ is about ready to go on ebay. Not because it’s slow, because it isn’t, but because I’m running out of disk space, and I hate external drives – besides my backup.
In 2011, like always, I got the best BTO iMac they had at that time, and it’s still extremely fast, but a 256GB SSD and a 2TB HDD are just not enough for me anymore.

I guess the 27″ iMac is already very close to Retina, the way Apple defined it. I myself, due to less than 20/20 sight, can’t discern pixels at my usual working distance right now, but it will not hurt to have 4K, especially as I’m very much into photography.

iOS Security.

Holy cow.

For the first time, we have extensive details on iCloud security. For security professionals like myself, this is like waking up and finding a pot of gold sitting on my keyboard. Along with some of the most impressive security I’ve ever seen, Apple has provided a way to make it impossible for agencies like the NSA to obtain your iCloud Keychain passwords.