Unix (Solaris, HP-UX) / Linux (Red Hat, SuSE)
Systems engineer and -consultant

Objective: Contribute my extensive technical skills and experience to enhance the value of a great organization. I am keen to achieve further professional development.
Status: Full-time
Salary: negotiable
Location: worldwide
Description of my “perfect” job:
Design and implementation of internal, and external projects which utilize my vast experience with Unix and Linux, security-concepts and -design, applications, monitoring and reporting, high-availability, and disaster recovery.
Available from: Six months after each quarter, but this can be negotiated by me with my current employer.
Size: No preference, as I work well in small and large organizations alike.
Industry: Preferably a company that understands the importance of their IT.
Description of my “ideal” company:
Goal-oriented, with a strong focus on the employees skills. Ready to supply outstanding benefits for outstanding work. Leading edge technology, no limits in what it wants to accomplish.
Northern California, USA
Southern Germany
Willingness to relocate: Yes
I am a dual-citizen of the United States and the EU (Austria) and hold two valid passports.
3/2002 – present: Unicredit Business Integrated Solutions (UBIS) S.C.p.A., formerly Unicredit Global Information Services (UGIS) S.C.p.A., formerly HVB Information Services GmbH / HypoVereinsbank Group, Munich, Germany, Systems Engineer
• Responsible for bank-critical HA environments such as the online banking for corporate and private customers, bank-to-bank payment-systems, Trading- and Risk analysis systems, etc.
• Planning, configuring, and running extremely complex Unix- and Linux-environments totaling approx. 800 production servers, 700 QA servers, and 500 IT servers, utilizing Solaris, Red Hat Linux, and HP-UX with various cluster- and volume manager implementations in zones, LDOMs, LPARs, and VPARs with SAN (EMC) and NAS (NetApp) in several disaster-recovery-ready locations.
• Define, implement, and enforce Unix system security through standardization of system hardening scripts and OS built-in templates. Implement Tripwire monitoring for all DMZ- and Intranet-systems. Technical liaison for government security/penetration audits.
• Responsible for several so-called “services” consisting of firewalls, load balancers, web-, application-, NFS-, database-servers (Oracle, mySQL) in various DMZs with connections to Host- and third-party-systems in trusted, and non-trusted environments. Technical lead for Unix-disaster recovery tests.
• Setup and implement LDAP, Zabbix, and HP Opsware for all systems.
• Virtualization of applications to VMware and KVM.
9/2000 – 2/2002: Nets Technologies GmbH / Nets AG, Munich, Germany, Operations Manager
• Responsible for planning, implementation, and operations (including disaster recovery) of a HA-Enterprise platform for e-commerce, which held the world record for SMS-push and pull at the time, consisting of Sun hardware running Solaris, Apache, Oracle, and an in-house Java application. Shell and Perl-scripting.
• Technical liaison for Deutsche Telekom, O2, and Vodafone for SMS-C services.
• Implemented a monitoring solution for approx. 50 servers using BigBrother.
• Roll-out of a Single-Sign-On solution
2/1999 – 9/2000: preiswaerter Online GmbH / Buyinghouse AG, Munich, Germany, Systems Engineer
• Responsible for planning, implementation, and operations of an Enterprise e-commerce platform, which was subsequently purchased by eBay. QA, operations, reporting, and monitoring of Sun Enterprise servers, network equipment such as Cisco routers, Checkpoint firewalls, and load balancers.
1/1998 – 2/1999: FOSEA Gmbh, Salzburg, Austria, Systems Administrator
• Operations, and QA for the internal servers (Unix, Linux) and workstations (Linux, Windows) running geological data-processing software.
1/1996 – 1/1998: Intergeo GmbH, Salzburg, Austria, Systems Administrator
• Operations of the Unix servers in a heterogeneous network (Windows, Linux clients).
9/1988 – 7/1992: US Navy, San Diego / Honolulu, USA, Sonar Technician
• Responsible for maintenance and operations of the sonar-systems onboard two US Navy warships (FF-1057, and FF-1074).
· 05/2011 HP Training: HP-UX System and Network Administration for experienced Unix Sysadmins

· 12/2010 Oracle Training: Solaris 10 ZFS Administration
· 10/2010 Oracle Training: Sun Sparc MX000 Server Administration (ES-411)
· 07/2010 HP Training: HP-UX System and Network Administration, HP-UX ServiceGuard I
· 07/2010 Oracle Training: Oracle GridControl 11.2 Administration
· 05/2009  Sun Training: Solaris LDOM and Zone Administration
· 07/2008 HP Training: Opsware Server Automation System 7 Fundamentals, Admin & Maintenance
· 05/2006 Sun Training: Sun Cluster 3.1 Administration (ES-338)
· 6/2005 Sun Training: Solaris 10 for experienced Sysadmins (SA-225-S10)
· 6/2004 Sun Training: Veritas Volume Manager and Filesystem
· 6/2003 Sun Training: Perl Programming (DTP-250)
· 4/2003 Sun Training: Network Intrusion Detection (SC-345)
· 9/2002 Veritas Training: Veritas Cluster Server for Solaris
· 6/2002 Sun Training: Veritas Volume Manager (ES-310)
· 2/2001 Sun Training: Three refresher-courses for Solaris 8 Administration (Sa-218, SA-238, SA-288).
· 1/2001 Entrust Training: Two courses on single-sign-on products by Entrust (getAccess and MobileServer)
· 1992 to 1995 University courses: I attended the University in Salzburg law school, but I did not complete the degree, due to my time-consuming involvement in IT for several small companies.
· Till 7/1992 University courses: Because of my training in electronics at the US Navy, I have equivalent credits for an undergraduate degree in electronics, which I didn’t pursue because of my relocation to Europe.
Skill, Level, Last used, Experience
Cluster-Administration, expert, presently used, 10 years
Linux Systemadministration, expert, presently used, 14 years
Solaris Systemadministration, expert, presently used, 14 years
Planning and Documentation, expert, presently used, 18 years
System consulting / design, expert, presently used, 18 years
German language, fluent, presently used, 38 years
English language, fluent, presently used, 41 years
Script- and Perl-Programming, experienced, presently used, 11 years
HP-UX-Administration, experienced, presently used, 3 years
Electronics, experienced, presently not used, 5 years
TerraData, Exalogic, M-Series, T-Series, SF15K, SF-V440, SF-V240, E10K, E6500, E450, E250, Netra. Sparc and Intel. SUN (ZFS) Storage arrays with software- and hardware RAID
System software includes:
Solaris 2.5 – 11, Oracle VM, Zones, LDOMs, Sun VM, SDS, Sun Cluster 3.x, Veritas VxFS, VxVM and VCS, ZFS, jumpstart, Apache, nCipher HSM, DNS, Oracle (RAC and GridControl), BEA Weblogic, NFS, NetBackup, Tivoli, UCMD, TSCM, TSM, Patrol, LDAP, Zabbix, JASS, ssh, sudo, tripwire, syslog, nmap, wireshark
Red Hat LES up to 6, SuSE ES up to v. 11, Intel platforms, hardware- and software RAID.
System software includes:
RH Cluster, LVM, Apache, nCipher HSM, DNS, Oracle (RAC and GridControl), Tomcat, BEA Weblogic, NFS, VMware, NetBackup, Tivoli, UCMD, TSCM, TSM, LDAP, Patrol, Zabbix, hardening, ssh, sudo, tripwire, syslog, nmap, wireshark
Superdome (2) Itanium, HP blade servers.
System software includes:
HP-UX 11i.v3, HP ServiceGuard, Oracle (RAC and GridControl), HP-UX 11i.v3, HP ServiceGuard
Detailed references can be provided upon request.


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