Germany 7 – Brazil 1.

I thought the match would be Klose but Brazil got Mullered and Germany were in total Kroos control.


Googlerola says…

…it pulled all but three smartphones and all tablets from the german market as part of a plan to “focus on fewer devices”, and “phase out some of our lower tier devices in Europe/Germany.”

So, all but three smartphones and all of their tablets are considered “lower tier” by them.


Googlerola pulls all tablets, all but three smartphones from german market.

As reported by Florian Mueller of FOSS Patents:

The company that Google bought for $12.5 billion to protect Android from patent threats cannot even protect itself.

Areamobile, a high-quality German news website focused on wireless communications devices, reports today (in an article that also mentions last Friday’s ruling) that German customers face a “heavily-shrunk” choice of Android-based Motorola smartphones. I had previously heard something similar from a news agency reporter who is following some of the German Android-related lawsuits. Areamobile noted that Motorola Mobility’s German website lists only three Android-based smartphones — and no tablet computer.

…and let’s not forget how this all started:

But to be clear, now-Google-owned Motorola Mobility is not a victim. It was Motorola Mobility’s choice in the spring of 2011 to sue Apple in Mannheim before Apple filed any lawsuit against it outside the United States, and to sue Microsoft in Mannheim in the summer of 2011, also before Microsoft filed any non-U.S. lawsuit against it. Motorola Mobility was trying to take advantage of the fact that injunctions are routinely granted in Germany — and of German case law relating to standard-essential patents. For the same reason, Samsung also sued Apple in Germany before Apple brought any German litigation against Samsung. And Samsung has not won anything against Apple in this country to date.