About Tim Cooks Maps letter….

Tim Cook released a letter to customers about maps yesterday.

I think this is a not needed gesture, and he’s giving in to a vocal minority on the web that’s screaming about an issue which is not really an issue for most of us.

What I mainly read is things like ‘oh, it’s not really bad in the US, but once you get over to Europe and other places…’. Well, being in Europe myself I have tested Apples new maps app quite a bit since it’s public release, and I can tell you that it’s actually really good in my use-cases.

Especially turn-by-turn is awesome. I also never had a problem finding what I wanted…besides “Mount Everest”, which is not in Europe, but I digress.

What I also hear is that public transport information is not available. I’m sorry, but let’s put this into perspective: If you live in a metro area and only use public transportation, are you really telling me that you can’t read the schedule at the bus stop? Can you really not wait for five minutes for the next subway? Really?

It seems to me that this is bitching at a high level.

Is maps perfect? Hell no! But it’s miles away from being as bad as this minority makes the web believe it is.

@gruber on the timing of Apples maps switch

All you really need to know, in one place.

This, to me, is the most coherent explanation of why Apple did what they did.

Personally, I like the new maps. Yes, it’s rough around the edges for some people, but living in Munich myself (3D maps are available here), I can appreciate the work the company put into this. I haven’t yet run into any problem.

Totally unacceptable. iPhone 4 battery life with iOS 6.

I charged my iPhone 4 fully at 10 am this morning.

It is now at 3%, after spending almost no time using it besides checking Twitter every other hour, as well as Instagram, because I spent almost all day on a MacBook Air. It is now 7 pm.

Heavy use in iOS 5 yielded me with around 40% of my battery charge left after a comparable time.

This is totally unacceptable. Apple needs to fix this asap.

Updated: iMac (Mid 2011), iPad (3rd gen), iPhone 4

So, yesterday Apple released OS X 10.8.2, iOS 6, and a boatload of app updates on the App Store, and the Mac App Store.

Here’s my (almost boring) account:

First I backed up my iPhone and iPad with iTunes – just to be safe. Afterwards I updated my iMac to 10.8.2, which went smoothly. The download was quick, and so was the install. After installing I signed in to my account, and as expected everything was there. I was prompted several times when I signed in to iCloud, Twitter, and Facebook about privacy stuff.

Then I looked for iOS updates via iTunes and updated my iPhone. Again, everything was smooth sailing. After the phone rebooted I found all my apps already on the phone when I logged into iCloud. All my accounts were already set up…very well done. I noticed that I could add my phone number to iMessage, plus my three email addresses – unified account. When I did that, my iMac prompted me about this, and I received a few emails from Apple, just to check if the whole reconfiguration was actually done by me. Good stuff.

The same was true for my iPad. All in all a great experience. I was done within an hour and a half.

The I noticed on Twitter that Apple had also released a new version of Aperture (3.4). I didn’t buy Aperture thru the MAS, so I went to Apple’s website, downloaded the update, quit Aperture, and installed the update. Upon restart of Aperture, it crashed. It prompted me to analyze my library, which I did but it crashed again. I repaired permissions – to no avail. I’m paranoid about my pictures, my library is 85GB big and spans a period from 1999 to now, so I had a backup of the library file, plus I keep all pictures in folders in the filesystem.
First I copied the library file from my backup volume to the expected place, after deleting the one in the filesystem. When I tried to start Aperture it crashed again. This is when I got annoyed, so I decided to delete Aperture and reinstall it. It took about 10 minutes from the DVD. The I applied the downloaded update, pointed the app to the right library and it worked. I did have to add a few new projects from my filesystem backup, but it was no big deal, because I tend to backup the library file once a week, and the filesystem files are kept up to date every day.

Anyhow, overall a great update experience so kudos to Apple, but I sure am glad I’m so anal about my photos.