My Apple predictions for 2013.

Since everybody makes them, who am I not to make a few of my own, right?

So here goes:

– Q1 FY13 will be Apple’s best quarter. Ever. Q2, will be lower, Q3 will be bigger than Q2, and Q4 will be lower than Q1, but larger than Q2 and Q3.

– OS X will see an update at WWDC, so will iOS.

– There will be a new Mac Pro, and new iPods.

– iMac and Macbook (Air, Pro) will see updates. No touchscreen for Macs, no ARM-based Mac. No Retina for the Air.

– There will be an new iPad (9,7″). It will be thinner.

– The iPad Mini will go Retina.

– Maps will improve dramatically over the year, with incremental updates to the back end.

– There will be no NFC in any Apple product.

– The Mac Mini will be manufactured/assembled in the US.

– The new iPhone will be the iPhone 5S. It will come in black and white, and it will have a 4″ screen.

– There will be no dedicated television set. Apple has the Apple TV, which will see an upgrade.

– No entirely new product will be introduced.

– No unicorns with fairy dust.

Let’s revisit in December 2013, shall we?