MS Surface Pro Reality Distortion Field.

Yes, you read that right. Microsoft has a Reality Distortion Field built up around the botched Surface Pro launch.

All the reviews are really bad, but Microsoft took to Reddit yesterday and here’s the key points:

– The 64GB Surface Pro has useable space of 30GB, not 23GB. Whoopie-fuckin’-do…no seriously. Is that a joke?

A 64GB iPad has around 59GB of useable space, at a less expensive price point, with a better screen and an OS designed for touch.
But here’s the real kicker: To get to those 30GB of storage, you have to delete your recovery partition, meaning when things go wrong (remember, there’s no such thing as iCloud backup for the Surface) you have to do a bare metal installation…but we all know that nothing ever goes wrong in the Windows world, so you’re pretty safe, right?

– Most reviews found battery life of the Surface Pro to be abysmal. 3-4 hours, at most. Here’s Microsoft’s response:

If you compare it to say a MacBook Air, you will quickly see that pound for pound in battery size vs battery life, you will find optimizations that puts Surface best in its class.

No really, it’s a tablet, but we’re supposed to compare it to a laptop.

A laptop that actually has way more staying power than the Surface, and more storage space, and is thinner, and lighter, and looks better, and is made of better materials, and is more eco-friendly, and costs about the same. Ok.

You know how you compare battery life? You run the same stuff over and over again until the machine dies. Period. That’s the only way to get comparable results, not by doing funny math.


Google’s reality distortion field.

Wow, Larry Page, CEO of Google, sure does live in a bubble…

Page expects his employees to create products and services that are 10 times better than the competition

Ok…name one.

…it’s hard to find actual examples of really amazing things that happened solely due to competition. How exciting is it to come to work if the best you can do is trounce some other company that does roughly the same thing?

Truth. Look at all the me-too’s like Android, cheap tablets, “Ultrabooks”, plastic smartphones…hey, what ever happened to Google TV, Wave, et al.?

You may say that Apple only does a very, very small number of things, and that’s working pretty well for them. But I find that unsatisfying.

125 billion. In cash. And counting. And they work. As advertised. Much like the Cube…oh wait…

A great deal of my effort is spent making sure that we have a great user experience across our core products. Whether you’re in Chrome or Search or Gmail, it’s just Google, with one consistent look and feel. It’s not a good user experience if there are 50 different ways to share something. That requires integration.

See what I mean? RDF. He’s talking like he is the CEO of Apple.

On Steve Jobs’ “thermonuclear” comment:

How well is that working?

12.5 billion for Motorola. Not a single substantial case won against Apple, but many lost. ITC/EU investigations. FTC pledge to withdraw all FRAND/SEP litigation. Countless failures in court for Google and it’s partners. I’d say it’s working pretty well Larry….

Android has been very successful, and we’re very excited about it.

Really? Still making more money off iOS than Android…

Read the rest at the link above…if you must.