Don Melton on Steve Jobs.

In case you don’t know: Don Melton is the father of Safari and WebKit.


But it’s open! Part XXII.

Jon Russell for The Next Web:

FTC Set to Fine Google Record $22.5 Million Over Safari Privacy Breach.

The FTC is, according to Jon and The Wall Street Journal, going to slap Google with the highest ever imposed fine for their circumvention of Apple’s privacy settings in Safari.

That’s how open Google is…to just about anything related to grabbing more of your private data.

WTF, Google?! Google reportedly ignoring Safari users’ privacy settings to better track its ads.

This is completely unacceptable!

In the above article, Apple Insider’s Daniel Eran Dilger reports on an investigation by The Wall Street Journal, about Google tracking OS X, and iOS users, who use Safari by “purposely overriding Safari’s browser privacy settings using code that misrepresents its ads as being a user-initiated form submission.”

From the report:

“Google added coding to some of its ads that made Safari think that a person was submitting an invisible form to Google. Safari would then let Google install a cookie on the phone or computer.”

Read the full articles at Apple Insider, and The Wall Street Journal.

If I hadn’t kicked Google to the curb weeks ago, I would now.