Don Melton on Steve Jobs.

In case you don’t know: Don Melton is the father of Safari and WebKit.


Three revolutionary products…

Today, we’re introducing three revolutionary products. The first one is a widescreen iPod with touch controls. The second is a revolutionary mobile phone. And the third is a breakthrough Internet communications device. So, three things: a widescreen iPod with touch controls, a revolutionary mobile phone, and a breakthrough Internet communications device. An iPod, a phone, and an Internet communicator. An iPod, a phone…are you getting it? These are not three separate devices. This is one device. And we are calling it iPhone. Today, Apple is going to reinvent the phone.

Seven years ago. Remember what phones looked like before this day in 2007?

Happy 3rd birthday iPad.

Has it really only been three years? Wow…

Anyhow, three years ago Steve Jobs introduced us all to the post-PC world, and while we’re not there all the way, we’re well on our way.

As of October 2012 Apple alone has sold over 100 million iPads. I’m guessing it’s actually around 145 million by now.

Remember how lots of people laughed at the name, and the concept? Nobody’s laughing anymore, are they?

Happy 3rd, iPad. I wonder how you’ll look, and what you’ll be able to do in three years…