But it’s open! Part XIII.

In today’s totally open stuff from Mountain View:

Vic Gundotra: How we claim 170m Google+ users. via CNet.

More than 170 million people have upgraded to Google+.

What the hell does that mean? Upgraded? As in “I was on Snow Leopard, and now I’m on Lion.”?
Seriously, they can’t even give straight answers anymore.

His “answer” to how many people use Google+:

We really mean anyone using a Google property, signed in as a Google+ user, and taking advantage of the social graph. It’s pretty stunning number.

A Google property.
Taking advantage of the social graph.

What is that? Does he even know? I doubt it.

So, how many people use Google+?

It’s a misunderstanding of the Google strategy to focus on… the stream. Then you’re not getting the Google+ strategy.

What? I guess we’re too stupid…at least I seem to be.

Bradley Horowitz, VP of Google+:

The +1 button gives you the opportunity to provide contextual value. It changes what used to be spam into a gesture of generosity.

Huh? Seriously, if you get this please enlighten me.

Same guy on today’s rollout of the redesign:

…make space in an information architecture sense, for where to put new stuff.

Ok. Open talk, open company. Open.


But it’s open! Part II.

In my continuing series about scary stuff from Mountain View:

Google+’s Vic Gundotra: The new version of Google knows your name.

Yeah, that’s not scary…at all…

Read Thomas Houston’s piece at The Verge via the above link, if you must.