Apple seeds iOS 7 beta 2 for iPhone and iPad. OS X Mavericks beta 2 also available.

If you’re a developer you can get the downloads at Apple’s developer site.

Interesting to see the first beta for iPad pretty soon after WWDC, even though many have speculated that they didn’t show it because Apple was way behind on it to get the first beta for iPhone out the gate for the conference.

Also, if you’re not a developer: PLEASE do not install iOS 7, and if you do don’t bitch about it not working the way you think it should. It’s a beta.


Some thoughts on this particular rumor, right before WWDC starts in three days:

– I don’t get streaming music. I own all the music I have, and I like it that way.
– Ad-supported? Really?! Apple? I doubt this very much.
– Is this, if it actually happens, only going to work on WiFi? Cos I can already see all the headlines about Apple killing your monthly bandwidth limit.

Anyhow, I believe Apple will introduce something like iRadio, but I think (hope?) that all the little details that are rumored aren’t true. I guess we’ll see come Monday.

Have a good weekend.

WWDC vs. Google I/O. or why Google tries to be like Apple.

An interesting thought has occurred to me as I saw the schedule for Google’s I/O conference which starts tomorrow:

Google is trying to be Apple, but they’re completely misleading everyone. Huh, you say? Well, let me explain:

Let’s have a look at what Apple announced at WWDC:
– MacBook Pro with Retina display
– MacBook Pro
– MacBook Air
– iOS 6
– Apple Maps
– Passbook
– OS X Mountain Lion

Now let’s look at Google’s schedule for I/O:
– Google Cloud
– Android@Home
– Nexus Tablet
– Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
– Google Maps
– Wallet

Both lists are incomplete, but you get the point.

Just for giggles: What is Apple making it’s money with? The stuff they announced, and shipped right away, at WWDC? You don’t say…
What is Google making it’s money with…to the tune of 95%+ of their entire earnings? Ads.

Google isn’t showing off their core business, they’re showing money-losing projects to make it look like they’re like Apple. But they’re not. Google is an advertising company, and it’s customers are other companies. All the products they’re expected to detail at I/O are there to help them sell more ads, not to satisfy the end-user.

Think about that for a minute.